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In the Heat of Battle, The Death of General Sedgewick

IN THE HARBERGER LIBRARY, visitors are drawn into the heat of a civil war battle with the huge oil painting The Death of General Sedgewick.  Created by Plainfield resident and Civil War veteran Julian Scott, the work recounts the story of union troops led by General Sedgewick near the courthouse in Spottsylvania, Virginia in May of 1864.  In the depths of sniper fire, it is written that Sedgewick chided his troops by saying "What, What! Men, dodging this way for single bullets?  What will you do when they open fire along the whole line?  I am ashamed of you.  They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance?" No sooner than the general made these remarks he was critically wounded in a hail of bullets.

Scott who largely painted military subjects served as a drummer boy and is believed to be the model of the drummer boy looking at the dying officer in the painting.  From 1993 to 1994, Scott's work traveled with the Smithsonian exhibition "Picturing History:  American Painting 1770-1930."

A Time of Leisure, A Time of Wealth:
Victorian Curiosities

VISITORS TO  THE DRAKE HOUSE PARLOR will find a variety of Victorian era treasures including a horse-hair empire style sofa, a 7-legged Creiger piano, crazy quilts, and a stuffed heath hen which seems to fascinate most young visitors.  This land bound bird was once known as a poor man's dinner.  Now extinct, the rarity is largely seen in enclosed glass cases like the one at Drake Houses and in pages of natural history books.

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